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What We Do – Across Sectors of Financial Services Industry

We offer integrated services and products in-depth industry knowledge, expertise, and experience. This include

Incentive Plan Review & Design
  • Incentive Funding, Accrual and Allocation Methodology
  • Incentive Approaches

– Short-term vs. Long-term / Deferred
– Cash vs. Equity

  • Broad-based and Targeted Awards Programs
  • Carried Interest and Co-investment Plan
  • Sales Incentives and Commission Plan
  • Performance Metrics
Performance Management
  • Business Performance Management and Productivity
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Target Setting and Performance Calibration
Value-added Compensation Data Services
  • Key Market Gaps Analysis & Insights
  • Compensation Positioning Analysis
  • Salary Review Budget & Bonus Pool Proposal
  • Management, Headquarters and/or Remuneration Committee Presentation
Organization , Grading and Titling Review
  • Workforce analysis and planning
  • Job Evaluation & Job Description
  • Grading System &Titling Structure
  • Location Strategy
  • Staffing Mix and Headcount Analysis
Corporate Transformation & Change Management
  • Change Strategy and HR Communication
  • Talent Management Strategy
  • Organization Culture and Integration
M&A Strategy and Integration
  • Due Diligence and Talent Mapping
  • Post Acquisition Support Integration

Executive Remuneration | Private Equity Remuneration | Share Plan Design